Skies at night from Project Coastlight

Artificial light at night (ALAN) is a novel environmental disturbance in coastal ecosystems. It changes the spatial distributions of a variety of species resulting from alterations to their behaviors, ranging from the timing of breeding cycles to predator avoidance. As a result, the widespread presence of ALAN has led to changes in the spatial distributions of a number of species. To better understand how ALAN is reshaping the ecology of coastal southern California, Project Coastlight was initiated in 2018 by Dr. Travis Longcore (UCLA). This project has involved, amongst other activities, the capture of thousands of images of the night sky by Dr. Ariel Levi Simons from every beach running from northern Ventura to southern Orange county. In this piece's 3D environment, built by Lindsey Mysse, we can at least partially re-experience some of these night skies. Ranging from heavily light polluted harbors, to quiet beaches under the glow of the Milky Way, all of which represent the nighttime environment of coastal southern California.

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move around the installation. Click and drag to rotate the camera.